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The artist Cristina Botero talks about….

Photography, film, memory, light, psychoanalysis, gold and Limited Editions.


Like Alan Kaprow “Life like art” is an emblem to contemporary society but it is absolutely contradictory to the lives we live and the society that is created by our everyday routine. Tradition is out of base but art and culture are getting more traditional as time goes by. In the same way movies, photography and psychoanalysis are stuck on laws created to work out as a simple mathematical equation . Memory is bringing back thousands of images that have not really been exploited enough. Our last 50 decades are totally in fashion right now. So we are living a dejavu !Or are we living the present? Our new styles and trends come from the 20’ 30’ 60’ 70’ and offers the 80’ . Madonna and Elvis are contradictory emblems of there homeland and Icons of our times as much as George W Bush and his famous DICK (Chaney). This consecration with irreverence that has taken on our society is creating garbage ART AND CULTURE. The spirit the soul, happiness are present in our postmodern society day to day much more than in the starving third wold counties that live of our toxic waste so why are we accepting this childhood play of art as the maximum expression of our times instead of being intellectually smart about what is real and what will help future generations?

Our problem is money it is not gold but money. It is not real value but superficiality, credit cards, plastic, mortgages, credit and a bubble economy. We are that right now the world is facing a bubble economy that is about to burs but its being plaster with gum by the oil industry and its new monopoly. They are balancing their rigorous technique with money and taking the world on a contradictory ride of what should be happening as a result of global worming, meting poles and bankrupt of the middle class. Culturally realism in photography?????? Isn’t photography already realistic? so this is like abundance in art , “Andy Warhol's Humor” and Hamilton POP rebounding no soul, just plastic/ Are you ready for more of this?

Where is the cultural value in gold or in plastic? People do things and that creates the new landscape of were we live. Our geographic landscape is in question today do to it’s globalization our geography has become a capitalist world of plastic food, cash and plastic art. With a product you get to more people for this reason the contradictory emblem of society is art. A space where things can be given thought.

If we produce moving image our films are not just another part of life but what is the world just about existence than what we have created , what we have designed. A place where people have time to think about something you created. Artists today are like rock stars just because they are the ones that make people think about what they create everybody wants to be an artist.
Design + Life = Lifestyle Culturalized Shopping

(I work in limited) limited edition because I cant bother to make more of them. My Clothing line is Limited Edition, My Artist Prints are Limited Edition and MY Gallery work is limited Edition. By Cristina Botero

Damien Hirst Lowers Prices and Slams a Price Tag on Pants

From "Show me the Money!" to "Let's make a deal!"
Damien Hirst has been shaking the foundation of the mainstream artworld more than usual as of late. First he bypassed his dealers in order to sell at auction-- breaking auction records along the way. Then he returned to one of his first dealers while keeping other dealers on the fence, so to speak. Now, with an artworld recession lurking in the background, he is openly stating that the market for his work and the art market in general is over-priced.
There is a bit of irony to his statements considering that critics of Hirst have long stated the same about the artist who has fetched millions for his work with relative ease. The artist, businessman, and entrepreneur is now looking forward to selling his work for affordable rates within the context of recent global economic woes-- reducing the price of some works by half. Hirst has also said that he is looking at more realistic prices in general, "If I want to sell new work, I'll price it lower. If people have got less money, you can either just shut your door and say, 'Screw everybody', or I can wait until everyone can afford my work or price it cheaper."
The Damien Hirst X Levi’s® collection
Do you need an example of how committed Damien Hirst is to his recent statements? Look to his association with Levi’s Jeans for the answer. The artist is working with Levi’s Jeans in order to produce a limited edition collection of clothing featuring themes that are common in his art. According to Art News Blog the prices will start at £55 for tees and £150 for jeans. When asked about the difference between expressing himself in art versus fashion Hirst replied, “I don’t see a difference really, anything done well is art, but this way a lot of people get to own my stuff and in a not too precious way.” It will be interesting to observe how Hirst utilizes the internet for his new ventures. He has a history of exploring eCommerce.
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